YOUR generosity will ensure EVERY Rocket can reach for the Stars!

Donors at this level receive special recognition on the Commander's Circle Plaque displayed in school + recognized in the Annual Report + invited to a special donor's reception - you'll have a blast!

Propel a Fleet of Rockets into the Stratosphere!

These super generous donors are recognized in the Annual Report + invited to a special donor's reception - you'll have a blast!

Boost Other Rocket(s) to SOAR!

Donors at the Shooting Star level and higher are recognized in the Annual Report + invited to a special donor's reception - you'll have a blast!

Launch YOUR Rocket(s) into Orbit!

With your help and generosity we are igniting our Rocket's imagination and intellect!

Ignite Your Rocket(s) to New Heights!

If we raise $150 per student we can reach our goal!


Support our mission on our way up!

​Every amount counts in our mission to reach the stars!


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Who can donate?

Anyone! Encourage relatives, friends and neighbors to support your child’s education.

Can I pay in installments?

Yes! You can pay in as little as one or as many as six installments (if you make your first payment in August). The first installment payment must be made by Nov. 15th to count toward the 2019 RFF (to receive benefits/count toward class rewards). The installment window closes on January 31st so be sure to mark that date as the end date for your monthly payments.

Can I pay by check vs credit card?

Of course! Make your check payable to: Mary Lin Education Foundation

  • Complete this downloadable Rocket Fuel Fund Donation Form and include your check.

  • Mail it to the attention of Rocket Fuel Fund, c/o Mary Lin Elementary, 586 Candler Park Drive NE, Atlanta, GA 30307

  • OR Drop it in the designated box in the school office!

Can my employer match my gift?

Yes! We encourage you to find out if your (or your spouse/partner's) employer offers "matching funds" for charitable donations so you can double your impact! Email Fundraising Chair Molly Saft at if you need assistance.  (Download 501c3 letter to submit with employer match application.)

How will our students be involved in this campaign?

We will have class participation contests/rewards!

Can I donate more than once?

Of course, our donation website will track and total up ALL of your donations to ensure you receive full credit.  We will also manually enter cash and check donations to your donor name!  Our goal is to reach $125,000 by NOVEMBER 15th!

Is there a minimum donation?

Every donation counts, no matter the amount. But maximize your donation with the suggestions above!

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Below are suggested giving levels but no donation is too big or too small. All first time donors who give $25 or more will receive a supporter car decal, and every donor will receive recognition at their chosen level on the website.