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WHAT IS THE MARY LIN EDUCATION FOUNDATION? Established in 2008, the Foundation focuses on addressing needs specific to Mary Lin that require funding not provided by the PTA. For example, the Foundation led the fundraising effort to build the new playground. Our Board of Directors works with school leadership, APS, parents and teachers to meet these needs by providing instructional support, technology, professional development and capital improvements.

WHAT IS THE MARY LIN PTA?  PTA is a membership organization under the National and Georgia PTA that provides educational support and resources to our school through an annual budget approved by its members. Most importantly, Mary Lin PTA works to involve parents, families, teachers, administrators and the community in the education of our children.

WHY DO WE NEED BOTH? The Foundation and PTA work together and complement each other but fundraise and operate independently. Check out this snapshot of the differences:


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