$100,000 by November 2nd!

We want to ensure our Rockets have the tools they need to soar to new heights this year and beyond. Let's fill the fuel tank with
$100,000 by Nov. 2nd.

But hey, we get it: between back to school shopping, summer travel and just life in general, your own tank might be a little low right now.


We know some of you can give more generously if you make you donate in installments. Luckily, our giving platform allows for a flexible payment schedule so you can make a one-time payment or up to six smaller payments toward this year's Rocket Fuel Fund.

If you have unique circumstances and want to discuss a different payment option, feel free to contact president@marylinfoundation.org and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. 

The Flexible Payment Option

How to Pay Monthly

Your first payment will go through the day you give and then you will be charged that same day each month until the end date you set, but you MUST set your end date no later than January 31st for your payments to be credited to this year's Rocket Fuel Fund. Any payments made after January will still be accepted by the MLEF but will not be credited to your 2018 donation total, which means they will not count toward giving level benefits or grade level contests. 

IMPORTANT: When choosing the monthly option, enter the amount you want to donate each month in the Other box under Amount, then choose Monthly in the Donation Schedule drop down menu. Do NOT enter the total amount you wish to donate then choose monthly, this will result in you being charged your total (say $600) each month instead of $100 each month. If you do this by accident, contact MLEF Treasurer Zaid Duwayri (zaid.duwayri@gmail.com) immediately so it can be resolved. 

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